Flower Food makes Christmas Trees Last longer

Longer Lasting Christmas Trees- SECRET!

photo courtesy of Garden of Eaden

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

It’s time to decorate the Tree… and you want your “PERFECT” Christmas Tree to last as long as possible..

There’s lots of ‘old wives tales’ about how to make your tree last longer… and here’s a great reminder…

Christmas Trees are Like BIG FLOWERS… they have a vascular system that draws water up from the roots… and is transmitted to the branches and ultimately the needles…

Because it’s the exact same process as flowers… Your Christmas Tree can benefit from from Flower Food too!

Remember to follow the manufacturer directions… DO NOT Overdose… or Underdose…

And because of the sap… it’s good to use warm water when preparing your flower nutrient water!

It’s True… Adding Flower Nutrient Water to your
Christmas Tree Stand helps your Tree Last longer and Stay Greener…

I prefer Chrysal Professional T-Bags (Easy to measure- and Use… Buy them here!)

And Don’t forget the FRESH CUT!!! Once the cut is made… getting your tree into the flower nutrient water as quickly as possible is advised… Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and add flower food as directed!

Then cut approximately 3-5 inches off the bottom of the trunk… and place into the bucket of Flower Nutrient water… *You’ll be able to save the water in the garage… and add it though out the season!

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P.S. This works like a charm… it feeds your tree- expands the vascular system- keeps the water clean and more!! WOW!