Can J give a hands on Sympathy Class in my Area?


The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

Let me start off by saying I truly love your work!! I watch your videos all the time even sometimes in the middle of the night when I should be resting..lol.. I wanted to know if you give on hands sympathy/Casket floral arrangements class near me? I really have to meet you, I’m  just starting a florist business and I just love your methods and teaching and I want to embrace some of the knowledge you have so I can be an efficient and successful florist.

I know you are busy but please let me know so I can get signed up.. or if you can give a hands on sympathy class in my area- Lord knows I admire your work…God bless you until we meet for a on hands class.


Thank you so much for the kind email and the sweet compliments…
I’m thankful you are finding the videos helpful and enjoyable…
I don’t have plans right now for a sympathy class in your area… but that can change
at any time…   Keep an eye on my Schedule… it’s published on the uBloom
Website and it includes all of my stops and events… it’s updated quarterly!

You can help get one set up in your area… getting the ball rolling is the first
step… here’s how it works…

Typically- I look for a Wholesale Florist Partner-  that want to helps me promote
and market the hands on classes…  I don’t who the wholesale florists are in your area…
but I am always interested in trying to figure out a partnership… or to explore
the possibility of holding a hands on class in an area where we can get 12-24
participants…and a place to hold the hands on class… most wholesale florist
like to have a class in their location… it’s a good opportunity for everyone!

That is the number that allows us to hold them in a specific area… like we
did in Texarkana… in this video on youtube…https://youtu.be/SKgYRfJw37g
or click on the photo above -

In Texarkana- I worked with Greenleaf… and they brought me in to give the hands on class…
they picked up part of my expenses… and that allowed the wholesaler partner
to offer the class for $150 per person… it helps defray some of the expenses and keeps
the cost down…  my fee- airfare, hotel and meals…

A Sympathy Hands on Class takes a great deal of flowers… It’s important that
we supply all the flowers – for the casket
spray project and other tribute items… So the price of that specific class may
be a bit more than a wedding or flowers to wear or basic arranging class… which
I also offer…

I too, hope we get to meet in the future… and perhaps you want to approach
your local wholesale florist and suggest the class to them… and get the ball rolling…

I do hope this information is helpful … I love teaching hands on classes…
and would love to have you in a class in the future…

Have a Flower Filled Day!