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Forever Flower Lessons- The Short Cut and 7-4-1

Permanent Flowers are so popular… and I get asked all the time to teach people how to arrange permanent flowers! Actually, “Forever Flowers” can be a lot more forgiving when you’re arranging them!

At the same time… there are special tips, tricks and hints for arranging “Permanent Botanical” Flowers. That’s why I created my “Forever Flower Lessons” to share those special secrets for arranging permanent Flowers.

This week, we start with lessons One and Two in the series:

1. The Short Cut - teaching you to be comfortable with cutting the long stems shorter… and getting a beautiful results!

2. 7-4-1 and you’re done - a simple way to arrange 12 beautiful roses, but cutting them shorter as well!

I hope you find these lessons helpful because arranging flowers needs to be fun… and Forever Flowers are FUN too!