TurnTable for Flowers- Where can I get one?


The Wooden Ikea Turn Table I use on Fun with Flowers and J… its available at IKEA for 9.99… Click on the image to buy!

here’s a link to See the  TurnTable on the Fun with Flowers and J Set in action!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

QUESTION: Hello J Schwanke, My sister is a big fan of you and LOVES your videos and your job..She has a flower store in Hungary and I was thinking to surprise her with one of those spinning board you use in your videos.I can’t find the proper name for it and I have no idea where can I order one..Could you help me to find out more about it?

ANSWER:  I call that “spinning board” a Turn Table… but my Mom always called it a “Lazy Susan”… we had one on the kitchen table when I was a kid…
I’ve seen them at many places… but the one that I actually use on the Fun with Flowers and J set is from IKEA… I found it there… and it was a simple wooden one… I had my studio manager- give it coat of stain… to dirty it up… so it wouldn’t show the wear and tear of being on set for over a decade…

I love using it… because it allows me to turn my project around… and work on all sides… plus – as you see in the video link above… it’s great when I want to coat the entire project with Chrysal Professional Glory

Thanks for the great question… and I’m hoping that you were able to find a “Turn Table for your sweet Sister in Hungary! Have a Flower Filled day!