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Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets – 2 ways!

This week, we continue with my Wedding Flower Lessons…I show you how to create a hand tied wedding bouquet. This technique was taught to me years ago by a Dutch Designer and I use it constantly to create expert hand tied bouquets that can stand on their own. 

The process is simple and I show you how to do it, step by step with easy to follow instructions.

The challenge with a hand tied bouquet is the water resource. Hand tied bouquets need to remain in water until right before the ceremony and on very hot days, hand tied bouquets can wilt… 

The 2nd technique I share in this lesson is how to create a “Faux” hand tied bouquet with a concealed water supply. Using the Gala® Bouquet holder and reclaimed stems, you can create a mechanic that looks like a hand tied bouquet but has a valuable water supply. It’s perfect for hot days and water loving flowers like Hydrangeas or Garden Roses. 

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