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The Flowers of Colombia on uBloom – Preview!

2 years ago, I was invited to ProFlora by my friends at AsocolFlores. It was a life changing experience! Seeing first hand the passionate people, millions of flowers and amazing social programs…it was an opportunity of a lifetime. 

At the same time, all I could think about was sharing this experience with my flower loving friends and followers. There is a story behind every flower, no matter where it comes from. The stories behind the flowers are just as beautiful as the flowers themselves. 

Fast forward to October 2017…I was delighted to take my amazing uBloom crew to Colombia, working with Asocolflores to bring the story of Flowers of Colombia to uBloom. Imagine my excitement…knowing I would be able to share the story behind these flowers, farms and people of Colombia. 

For the next year, I’ll be sharing a new episode each month (including different farms, facets and flowers)…featuring the stories behind the Flowers of Colombia! I know you’re going to love this series…After all, knowledge is power and flowers are powerful too, so flower knowledge is twice as powerful!!

Join me today, as we preview the Flowers of Colombia series on! Sit back and enjoy while you learn more about where flowers come from!