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Alstroemeria Palm Tree – Beach Centerpiece!

I love a centerpiece that is easy to make and also creative and impressive. This week’s project is just that… 

It features Alstroemeria, one of my favorite flowers for weddings and events. The flowers are long lasting, come in a wide variety of colors and are also inexpensive! 

The Structure of this arrangement is sand blasted Manzanita Branch from Schusters of Texas. I lashed it to this glass vase with craft covered wire from Reliant Ribbon.

It’s an impressive mechanic and it thinks OUTSIDE the vase…since the branch is outside the container…get it?

I used 2 Artesia Foam Spheres from FloraCraft and placed them into the branches of the manzanita, filling them with Victoria Leather Leaf from FernTrust. It’s one of my favorites because it has such great texture!

The Final Step is dropping in Monstera and Milky Way foliage and then accenting with 3 bunches of Alstro (tied up topiary style).

This centerpiece is eye catching and looks great alone or in groups… 

Don’t forget to sign up for the Golden Flowers Contest! They are giving away free boxes of Alstroemeria and 5 lucky folks will win a box… Plus, everyone that signs up will get a pair of Golden Flower Variety Posters! That’s a great reason to sign up now…