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Rose Wedding Bouquets!

Along with creating Beautiful Rose Bouquets this week,  Golden Flowers is having a contest! You can win an iPad or Kindle. Sign up here to enter the contest:  The first 100 people to enter will also receive 2 Full Color Rose Posters and a 2018 calendar from Golden Flowers!

This week, I use the Rose Collections from Golden Flowers to create a Bridal Bouquet, featuring Vainilla and Vendala Roses paired with Hymalaya Alstroemeria and Seeded Eucalyptus. The project is a Bridesmaid bouquet with 50 roses…using Satina and Pink Intuition Roses paired with Prima Donna Alstroemeria! 

When using the Gala® Bouquet holder, there’s not issue with the amount of flowers. Gala® was designed (BY ME!) with 360 degrees of large open space to hold a large quantity of flowers. Check out this fun project and the Gala® in this week’s show… 

AND…Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win an iPad or Kindle from Golden Flowers! It’s as easy as signing up…