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Chrysal Personalized Sachets!

We have the PERFECT opportunity everyday to promote our business, along with our beautiful LONG LASTING flowers…

Flower buyers are looking for beautiful, long lasting flowers and the best service…and all that rolls into one with Chrysal’s NEW Personalized Sachets.

You can promote your business along with the flowers by offering them in small quantities and with customized graphics or logos!

Studies prove that consumers WANT flower food and that they use, measure and enjoy arranging flowers. When your flowers are accompanied with a personalized sachet of the World’s Finest Flower Food…everyone WINS!

The automatic association with your logo and longer lasting flowers is inevitable…and they pick up, hold and use your “Business” in their hand!

It’s the Perfect Promotion…not only because it’s a great reminder, but because the results are Valuable and Memorable. Flowers treated with Chrysal Flower Food last longer…and customers will never forget that you remembered to include Flower Food with their flowers! 

It’s the perfect WIN-WIN for flower sellers and flower buyers…Thanks, Chrysal!