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The Flowers Of Colombia – A Culture of Sustainability Part 1 – The Farms

This week on the Flowers of Colombia, we explore the Colombian Culture of Sustainability.

Sustainability has been a priority for decades in Colombia… and this week, we take a look at how the Flower Farms of Colombia work to provide sustainable practices.

Water Conservation and Treatment, Dairy Farming, Integrated Pest Management, Labor Saving Technology and much more is constantly implemented and improved.

I enjoyed filming this video as it allowed both myself and my crew (and now YOU) the opportunity to see how the Flower Farms are working tirelessly to provide best practices for the People, Flowers, Soil, Climate, and Neighboring Communities. 

Colombia is truly passionate about their Culture of Sustainability and this week we provide a look behind the ongoing quest to provide and improve their sustainable practices.

Join me as we explore the Culture of Sustainability at the farm level in Colombia!

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