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The Flowers Of Colombia – FlorVerde – Supporting Sustainability with Flowers

This week on the Flowers of Colombia- learn about the FlorVerde Certification Process for the Flowers of Colombia!

Meet Ximena Franco- the Director of the FlorVerde Certification Program- and learn the process behind the FlorVerde Certification.

FlorVerde maintains the highest standards for both Environmental and Social Sustainable programs in Colombia. Farms work to implement and improve their standards to obtain- and use the FlorVerde Certification.

Many Farms throughout Colombia- maintain and exceed the standards of FlorVerde- to provide best practices on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Sustainability has become the standard for Colombia Farms- and they are dedicated to the FlorVerde Certification for both their flowers and their workers.

These programs insure the flowers we buy with the FlorVerde Seal protect the flowers and the environment and provide benefits and safety to the farms, workers and their families.

Learn more about FlorVerde on their website at

Join me as we explore the Culture of Sustainability with the People of Colombia!

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