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The Flowers Of Colombia – Reliability – A dedication to doing it right!

This week on the Flowers of Colombia, we explore the Reliability behind the Flowers of Colombia and the dedication to doing it right! 

An important concept behind the Flowers of Colombia is the strong dedication to the flowers, but also to the quality, availability and care & handling shown by everyone in the flower production chain. 

Meet Eli Perez from Rosamina, who proved sceptics wrong when he discovered a way to grow protea and luecodendron year round in Colombia. Eli is dedicated to offering a year round reliable source for protea, luecodendron and more. 

I also visit Pablo Bazzani of Plazoleta, where they grow and ship the “Perfection” Brands. Plazoleta has created specific varieties of Alstroemeria (featured this week) that emulate the Brand…and are even referred to as “Perfection” rather the variety! It’s a true testament to the dedication of the Flower Farmers of Colombia to create a product that excels in every way!

You’ll also hear from my lifelong friend Jim Kaplan of Chrysal who talks about the way they worked with Plazoleta to insure world class care and handling that would support the “Perfection” Brand.

This show is centered around the dedication of the entire flower culture in Colombia to be a reliable leader in the Flower Industry. I also speak with Augusto Solano from Asocolflores who provides insight into the Mission of Colombia Flowers and how they strive to work well and compliment other flowers offered locally in the USA!

Whether you need 10 stems, 10 bunches or 100 bunches…Colombia continues to provide year round reliable flower resources for America and the World! 

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