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Chrysal Professional 3 – Better Results!

This week, it’s all about ONE of my NEW Favorite Products…Chrysal Professional 3. I’m wild about this NEW Formula! It provides the absolute BEST results for cut flowers and makes my arrangements last longer…PERIOD!

I know we hear a lot of claims and even some talking about NO CUT Formulas (but we all know that’s hogwash!)…Everyone is looking for longer lasting flowers, bigger blooms, more intense color, enhanced fragrance and better performance…WELL, Chrysal delivers with Professional 3!

I’ve been using this formula exclusively for about 6 months and every flower I’ve placed in Chrysal Professional 3 has outperformed their predecessors. Everything stated above happens when you use this formula for your final arrangement. It’s a formula to use for flowers that are going out the door and are meant to be enjoyed!

Professional 1 is used at the farm level where flowers are cut and shipped. Professional 2 is a holding and hydrating solution used by flower distributors and professional florists to hold flowers. PROFESSIONAL 3 is designed for out the door to insure the best performance possible!

I promise BIGGER BLOOMS, more colorful blooms, enhanced fragrance (for flowers with scents) and clear water…It’s simply amazing! I’ve always trusted the scientists at Chrysal to develop the very best solutions for our flowers and Professional 3 Truly Delivers!

You can buy Chrysal Products at your local flower distributor or from this link- 

*Trust me on this one…You’ll be SOOO glad you did!