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The Flowers of Colombia in Action – A Visit to Alexandra Farms!

This week on the Flowers of Colombia, we see the Flowers of Colombia in action with a visit to Alexandra Farms, the Largest Garden Rose grower in the world.

With over 50 varieties of Garden Roses (exclusively), Alexandra Farms is a true testament to all that goes into the Flowers of Colombia. From Diversity Flowers, Culture of Sustainability and Social Programs…Joey Azout shares how Alexandra Farms works diligently to provide World Class Garden Roses to people all over the planet.

With 50 Varieties including David Austin Cut English Garden Fragrant Roses to Alexandra Farms Delux Collection and even NEW varieties from Japan, Alexandra Farms is dedicated to doing it right.

Colombia provides the perfect climate for Garden Roses- and you will see first hand the Culture of Sustainability, The Rose loving People- and Environmental Processes that embody and embrace the Flowers of Colombia.

Sit back and enjoy a visit to Alexandra Farms and a tour with Joey Azout this week on the Flowers of Colombia! 

To learn more about Alexandra Farms and their varieties visit  and view their entire catalog.  

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