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Christmas Berry Centerpiece Trio

The Holidays are one of my favorite times to decorate. It gives us an opportunity to bring the colors and fragrance of Christmas into our homes!

This week’s project is a trio of cylinder vases accented with Cranberries, Princess Pine and Winterberry! The unique ability of Cranberries to FLOAT in water adds an extra dimension to these cylinder centerpieces.

Using Princess Pine to create a structure that accents and holds the Winterberry (or ILEX) in place is an easy technique that makes you look like a pro…

The next step is to ground the cylinder centerpiece with tiny 12 inch wreaths. They add fragrance and texture to the table top and provide the perfect frame for this Very Berry Christmas Trio!

The Final Step…Christmas Ribbon! Coordinating a Plaid Ribbon with a Sheer Red creates the perfect finishing touch to this Table Top Display. And my trick for poking the ribbon in place means anyone can do it!

Check out this simple set of Berry Centerpieces that take less than 5 minutes to create…once you have my secrets…for having Fun with Flowers for the Holidays!