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White Winter Topiary!

Here’s a fun Winter Centerpiece that allows us to conjure up some snow for those that don’t have it…and for those of us that do…to bring it inside without the melting mess!

Today’s project features a Tree Fern Topiary that I created with one bunch of FernTrust Tree Fern, bound and clipped into a Topiary Cone…adding Snow courtesy of Tack 1000 from Design Master! This simple trick allows us to “flock” just about anything with “Faux Snow”…

Accenting with FernTrust Lily Grass and Carolina Sapphire, we create a fragrant Evergreen Base…and top it off with amazing White “Clove Scented” Stock from Ocean View Farms! 

I love a ribbon embellishment…and the two Ribbons from Reliant add depth, dimension and elegance to our arrangement. All of this is created in a beautiful container from Accent Décor… We’ve got the perfect White Winter Wonderland Decoration for the Holiday Season and beyond!