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Hand Tied Bouquet with Flower Frog!

What’s Old is NEW Again…and we explore it first hand with this week’s Wedding Bouquet Project.

I located an Antique Flower Frog from 1938 at an Antique Store. This mechanic has been around for decades and was originally used to arrange flowers in a vase.

I’m using it to create a Wedding Bouquet…in a style that is trending for today’s weddings and events.

Using the Antique Flower Frog, I create a two sided wedding bouquet. The frog helps keep the stems separated and gives a unique look to the bouquet.

This Antique Flower Frog provides a similar mechanic to a chicken wire cage or pillow…and you’ll see for yourself how everything comes around again.

This Hand tied bouquet style is fun to create and the results make for a unique look. I love taking a look back and seeing what flower history helped us to get to where we are today!