Smiles, Laughter and Flower Crowns with the Boca Grande Garden Club

Flower Crowns in Boca Grande

Flower Crowns always bring a Smile or Laugh!

Having a Ball at the Flower Crown Class in Boca Grande!

It’s always Fun to be with a Group of Flower Folks- and it’s even better when those folks are a Wonderful Group of Garden Club Ladies in Boca Grande Florida. I was looking forward to this wonderful gathering- and of course it came at the perfect time… when winter was FULL STEAM in Michigan… giving Kelly and I a break for some warm weather- and some terrific flower fun!

My Incredible Hosts- Susan O’Brein, Peggy Saewert, Jen Hanna, and Dianne Burnett… were champions – helping us process lots of amazing flowers… We had Fabulous Foliage from FernTrust-  Beautiful Bouquets from Sunshine Bouquet, The Prettiest Roses on the Planet from Eufloria- Exceptional Garden Roses from Alexandra Farms, Amy’s Orchids from Thailand, Resendiz Brother Protea, and to top it all off- TULIPS from…


Delighted Flower Friends- hand crafting their Flower Crowns in Boca Grande

I gave a presentation to the club on February 6… and then 2 dozen ladies joined me for a hands on class- where we created ALL Foliage arrangements- accented with a Phalenopsis Orchid- and then hand crafted Flower Crowns- with Green Bouquets from FernTrust- and Sunshine Bouquets…

I love how Inspired and Creative Flowers make Anyone- and it was no exception- as these lovely ladies- crafted- laughed and created their very own Flower Crown- it’s a fun process- a great project- and simple craft- that anyone can do… I love sharing this simple technique – and it allows anyone to whip up a flower crown- for just about any occasion…


Jen Hanna- working on her flower crown- Jen and I have a couple Michigan Connections!

One of my Hosts- Jen Hanna is from Michigan- so we had that connection- but come to find out her Daughter Amy and I worked at John Henry Company in Lansing together… so you just never know – how close those degrees of separation are … and Jen made sure Kelly and I got signature “Lobster Rolls” during our visit… You gotta have – a Lobster Roll- whenever you’re offered…


I love digging in – to help demonstrate- it’s all about sharing tips, tricks and techniques… with my NEW Friend Judy!

I love the hands on classes… because it gives me a chance to interact- one on one with each and every participant. I love how each of us brings our own style to the projects… and my NEW Friend Judy was no exception… we had the pleasure of dining with her the night before the Class… right out on the water in Boca Grande… (Our Water front is pretty FROZEN in Michigan… hehehe) … Peggy Saewert- arranged for a lovely dinner with Judy- and couple other friends – the night before the Class.

Wonderful Events- take great planning… and My Friend Susan O’Brien and I communicated for many months- talking over plans, conducting interviews- and ‘just visiting’… Susan arranged for our visit- and helped with Flower Logisitics… and hosted Kelly and I for a wonderful evening- to get to know everyone better- and experience “Florida- as it was meant to be”… the Motto of Boca Grande… and Susan delivered an evening we will never forget… What a Gem!!!!

Peggy Saewert- serves as the President of the Garden Club in Boca Grande and is a Professional Florist- so you can only imagine how helpful that is- when it comes to coordinating a Flower Event- Peggy helped lead the team of great flower folks that brought the whole event together… It’s terrific when you make a friendship that just keeps going… Thanks for all your help and support Peggy!


Peggy Saewert- our LOCAL Flower QUEEN BEE… is our Great Friend and Hostess with the Mostest!

I’m fascinated by What Flower Crowns do for people… Once the flowers go on the head… the SMILES come out… and so do the cameras… Everyone loves a Flower Crown Selfie- and we always do a Class Picture- to show off the Amazing Flower Crowns that everyone builds… The Bouquets from Sunshine Bouquet- were PERFECT For this project- and each bouquet made a Fabulous Flower Crown- with the help of Florida Foliage from our Friends at FernTrust!

Look at all these happy faces… Flower Crowns and Smiles for Days!!!!


The Boca Grande- Garden Club- Flower Crown Class… Look at those Smiles!!

Our Friends at Kings Wholesale in Bradenton FL- arranged for all the Flowers and Foliage to arrive safely- I Love my King’s Family- they have always been a Tremendous Asset to our Flower Industry- and we love it anytime we can visit all our Friends at Kings!!!

It’s a lot of work- and every group has their own seasoned volunteers -who show up to unpack, fill buckets, cut, care and process the flowers- moving in and out of refrigeration, passing out flowers, foliage and supplies… thanks to Jen and Dianne- who helped insure that we had everything we needed- at the right time- in the right spot…


Dianne Burnett one of our HELPFUL Helpers in Boca Grande!


J and Jen Hanna- our “Michigan Connection” and Lobster Roll – Connection!

It’s Amazing all the Great Friendships Kelly and I have made over the years at Flower Events like these… wonderful people- that help us share our Passion for Flowers! This Trip to Boca Grande Florida- is one for the Books- Creating Flower Memories (and Friendships) that Last a Lifetime! Thank so much Ladies!