Episode 101- Pilot – Life In Bloom

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Episode #101 – PILOT – Life In Bloom

Host J Schwanke shares simple ways to create a “Life in Bloom.” Celebrate and embrace the joy of having flowers in your life, including: flowers for your home, cooking, and helpful flower tips.

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Create your Life in Bloom-
In this show- J shows you simple ways to create your own Life In Bloom- simply by adding flowers to your life. It’s really as easy it sounds… and J shows you how to create single Flower arrangements- you can place around your home.  Check out J’s first Visit with Kim Carson- in the uBloom Flower Studio-

Gerbera Daisy- Featured Flower- and Farm Tours
You’ll learn more about the Gerbera Daisy- the featured flower in this show. If you want to see where Gerbera are grown- visit B&H Flower Farm with J in this Video during his California Flower Farm Tour…
and tag along as J visits his lifelong friends the Kitayama Brothers on their farm in California – where one of the crops is Gerbera Daisies…

Basic Flower Arranging Tools-
J shares the basic tools and techniques you’ll need for arranging flowers on your own. Flower Arranging is relaxing and enjoyable and J shares his favorite tips… Do you want to learn to cut flowers like J??? Visit this link for tips on cutting flowers… www.uBloom.com/CuttingFlowers

Check out J’s Award Winning Books-
Want to learn more- Check out J’s Award Winning books- Fun with Flowers- with 48 Arrangements- complete with recipes and videos…  or check out Bloom 365- is filled to the brim with Tips, Tricks and Techniques- 365 to be exact- to help you arrange flowers all year long and create your very own life in Bloom – Here’s a Deal- Get Both of J’s Books for only $30 – www.uBloom.com/Books

J’s Flower Friend- Kim Carson
Kim Carson- J’s Flower Friend and Radio Personality- joins him in the kitchen to create a Mango Avocado Salad-
check out the recipe here…  www.uBloom.com/MangoAvocadoSalad

Flower Crowns- The J Way!
J Loves a Flower Crown- if you’ve ever attended one of his LIVE Appearances or seen him on P Allen Smith’s Garden Style show- you’re fully aware! J shows how to create your very own Flower Crown- with a few stems of flowers and foliage- it’s Easy, Fun- and there’s nothing better than wearing flowers on your head!

Want to learn more? Subscribe to uBloom.com and access over 1800 addition How to Flower Videos… here’s a preview about Flower Crowns!

Flower Cocktail Hour- Hibiscus Mojito
Ready for #FlowerCocktailHour ??? – J shows how to create a Hibiscus Infused Mojito- complete with a Hibiscus Bud Garnish- here’s the complete recipe… www.uBloom.com/HibiscusMojito

“Arrange-Plant”- Create from your Own Garden
J’s an avid gardener and he’s planted a NEW Garden at his Flower home… J introduces you to the term “Arrange-Plant” and encourages you to plant flowers you can cut, and arrange- to enjoy, gift and share…
Download J’s Free Garden to Home guide- for arranging flowers from your Garden!

This Pilot show introduces you to J’s Idea of a Life in Bloom- that’s simple easy- and fun to create- it’s as easy as Just Adding Flowers!