Episode 102- Protea: Long-Term Beauty

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Host J Schwanke explores protea, one of the oldest flowers in the world. Visit a protea farm, and learn how to incorporate this exotic flower into crafts, cocktails, and entertaining.

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The Prehistoric Protea Flower
J explores the Popular and Prehistoric Protea on this week’s Life in Bloom show. There are over 1600 different kinds of Protea. J shares examples of King and Queen Protea, Banksia or Bottle Brush Protea, Mink Protea, and Pin Cushion Protea (which are actually Leucospermum – rather than protea- but often referred to as Protea).  Protea are name for the Greek God Proteus – AKA The Shape-shifter- who could change his appearance at will- to disguise himself- and go undetected. Protea come in so many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles- that “Protea” is a wonderful term!

Protea get their Name from Proteus

Also known as the shape shifter- Proteus could change his appearance to avoid detection.

Visit to Resendiz Brothers Protea Farm in Fallbrook, CA
Join J as he visits Resendiz Brothers – a California Flower Farmer- that specializes in Protea, Wax Flower, Grevillea, and Kangaroo Paws. Mel Resendiz is a long time friend … and J has visited the farm several times- to create documentaries about this American Grown Flower Farm. Join J for his two visits-  A Visit to Resendiz Brothers  and  The Spring Flowers at Resendiz Brothers!

Crafts in Bloom- Block Printing with Protea with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood is a Craft Expert- and her and J have been friends for years… She’s been featured several times on J’s First Web-based TV Show- JTV- You can catch those visits here: Creating Felt Flowers - and Creating Gift Wrapping Paper – and Creating Craft Christmas Trees!

Jennifer also hosts her own website- all about crafting- with Pod Casts and other creative Crafting Information. Visit www.Craftsanity.com and learn more about Jennifer and her Craft World!

Easy Protea Centerpiece
This is a fun project- with just a few 5 Pin Cushion Protea- 2 Vases and 2 Floating candles. Protea are durable and long lasting- and are great for entertaining centerpieces-  Check out another one of J’s Protea projects on his website uBloom.com where there are hundreds of other flower arranging projects – Create a Yellow and Green Arrangement with Protea and Succulents!

Drying Protea for Long Lasting Beauty
This is a great project- featuring one of Mel Resendiz incredible wreaths- although it’s a Christmas Project- this shows how great the protea dry- and how you can use them season after season- check it out on J’s Youtube channel – “Protea Wreaths”- if you like it subscribe to his channel!

Flower Cocktail Hour- Wine & Cheese Board- and Decorative Vase
I’m completely into recycling- and I love to cut off wine bottles to create a vase – that can match the Wine I’m serving to my guests- this project is great because I had a friend- that is Highly Skilled cut the top off of a bottle (using a special saw blade- and GOGGLES). Let the expert be the the expert- I always say! Now I have a Vase that matches the bottles of PROTEA Wine… (you can find the Protea Wine – a wonderful summer white wine) at your local Wine Merchant! Learn more here about Protea Wines!

Pink Mink Protea and Pin Cushion Leucospermum- Featured Flowers
The Featured flowers this week are Mink Protea and Pin Cushion “Protea” aka Leucospermum. Both are Native to South Africa- but can be grown in Northern Climates- but not where you get snow or freezing temps- sorry to say! Both are Composite flowers- but the interesting thing about Pin Cushions- is that the tiny -”Pins” are actually the Pistols of the Flower- Mink can grow 6-15 feet tall – while Pins grow 4-8 feet tall. Both Flowers last about 2-3 weeks in a vase.  To learn about all the different kinds of Protea- that Resendiz Brothers grow- and to sign up for their Newsletter- visit www.ResendizBrothers.com