Episode 105- Succulents – The Not Quite Flowers

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Host J Schwanke explores the wonderful world of succulents: He visits a succulent farm, hosts a Make & Take party, and goes on location for a succulent-inspired cocktail.

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While they are not technically Flowers- Succulents are certainly popular- and today- J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom is dedicated to Succulents. I’ve been fascinated with them since I was a kid. We had a grower – that worked for our Family Greenhouse- John Ward- and he loved succulents- and had a wonderful collection of all different types of them… they were in the back corner of the greenhouse in a very sunny spot- and they just loved it… I could sit and look at them for hours…I’m sure John helped me develop and cultivate my love for succulents!

Succulents can also be useful in helping us get good energy in our homes- in Feng Shui – the succulent represents prosperity and good fortune- so placing them in your home in the proper areas can help inspire better Chi- and they are certainly easy to care for- just plenty of light- and a little water once in a while… and you’ve got good Feng Shui at home!

We visit Robin Stockwell at Succulents Gardens in California- Robin has since retired to do more Surfing- and of course Book Writing- Robin’s got an incredible book about Succulents- Check it out here- and get your copy today! Our Visit to Succulent gardens was amazing- and Robin was a terrific host… You can watch the entire visit to Succulent Gardens here!

I love using Succulents in my flower arrangements- and they are certainly one of my favorite “Flowers”… I talk about them in my Award Winning Book- Fun with Flowers and J- and there’s a link to a Video that talks about care for your succulents…

You can check out the link here… www.uBloom.com/SucculentCare 0r Pick up a copy of Fun with Flowers at www.uBloom.com/Books!

We’ve got some really great videos in our Premium Video Collection right here on the uBloom Website- and we have a special deal for our “Life In Bloom” Viewers- subscribe to uBloom.com and get 50% off your subscription… simply visit this link- www.uBloom.com/Join/Annual and use the discount code FIFTYOFF – enter the code (all Caps and No Spaces) and click return- and it will validate the code and you’ll get 50% off a subscription… Enjoy!

Here’s a preview of a couple of the Succulent Projects on the uBloom Premium Video Channel!

How to create a Wreath with Succulent Accents!

How to create a Wedding Bouquet With Succulents and Clematis!

I love introducing my friends to succulents too- they are so easy to grow- and even great people with a “BROWN THUMB”… in this show- I visit my friends at Flowerland- a Local Independent Garden Center near my home… and I set up a succulent get together with my neighbors- Amanda and Steve- (PSSST… you’re going to meet Amanda Officially in an upcoming episode of Life in Bloom- when she stops by to share her Henna art- and tell us about her business Happy Henna!) … and her Amazing project “Crowns of Courage”- Stay Tuned!!

Hosting a Succulent Party- is a great way to get your hands dirty- and have some fun- with Succulents… and everyone gets involved… it’s such a great way to break the ice with a New Neighbor or spend some time with friends you love and enjoy!
I have a few good Succulent Ideas in my FREE Blog- “The Flower Stand” on uBloom- you can check out one of the ideas here- A Succulent Urn- Glass Top Table!

Speaking of Friends I love and Enjoy- we also take a trip to Donkey Taquiria in Grand Rapids for a special “Flower Cocktail) made with Succulents (Specifically Agave’)… My friends Paul and Jess Lee own this wonderful eatery… and You’ll meet Paul in an upcoming show too! Stay Tuned! You can find this special drink recipe here! It includes a marigold infused – and Agave Liquors… it’s a great way to bring flowers to the table!

I love the way Succulents can grow on you… and it’s a great “Flower” for entertaining- You’ll learn more about Echeveria … and also a fun craft for using these wonderful succulents for your table setting- (and party favor)… It’s all about Succulents this week on J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom! I hope you enjoy one of my favorite “ALMOST Flowers”… and bring a few into your Life in Bloom!