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A Visit to Splendor in Bogota Colombia

This week on Fun with Flowers and J, we head to Colombia to visit Splendor and the Rosamina Farms in Bogota. Eli Perez has an amazing Protea Farm that has breathtaking vistas and beautiful flowers. 

Eli and his father trialed and developed the first Protea Farm in Colombia…defying the odds when people told them it was impossible to grow Protea and Luecodendron in Colombia. They worked through the challenges and developed a farm that is able to produce Protea year round. 

Together we tour the farm and the production facility and I share some the wonderful long lasting arrangements that come from Splendor!
Join me as we take a look inside this amazing flower farm and learn more about where flowers come from…the Protea and Luecodendron from Splendor at Rosamina Farms!

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