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Fast Foliage Bouquets!

Foliage is the Hottest NEW Trend…and we’re all looking for simple ways to include more foliage in our lives (and it’s not limited to potted plants). Fresh Foliage Vase Arrangements provide the same benefits…as they clean the air, provide oxygen and increase happiness. 

The Fabulous Foliage Bouquets® from FernTrust are the easiest way I know to create Foliage Bouquets or green up a vase. These customizable Foliage Bouquets come in a wide variety of styles ( ) or you can customize your very own recipe. 

FernTrust provides over 126 different kinds of foliage which means you can create to your hearts content. Today I feature the Ultimate Bouquet created from all Florida Fresh- American Grown Foliage. It’s an incredible foliage experience all by itself…or you can add a few flowers! 

To learn more, visit or contact and start greening your world!