Removing Lily Pollen

Lily Flowers and Lily Pollen go hand in hand… today’s mechanic is tips for removing the pollen.

1. Remove the lily pollen as soon as the bloom starts to open. Doing it early means the pollen is less messy and won’t stain fingers, clothes or surfaces.

2. Simply pluck the pollen out of the bloom. Don’t cut them off with a scissors. This is unsightly and looks very unnatural in the completed arrangement.

3. If you get Lily pollen on your clothes or fabrics, here’s the BEST tip! Place the fabric in DIRECT Sunshine for 3 hours prior to washing and the pollen will miraculously disappear!

Lily pollen is photo-sensitive and it will dissolve and disappear when placed in direct sunshine. This only works if you do it BEFORE you launder the fabric. If you wait, it will be set forever!

These are fun tips for Lily Pollen and will make you look like a pro!