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Alexandra Farms Garden Roses…for everyday!

Alexandra Farms Exceptional Garden Roses have been popular for years for weddings and events…But what some people don’t remember, is that these exceptional garden roses have such good quality and lasting power that they can be used for any occasion or even every day! 

I create three arrangements…each featuring a different variety of Alexandra Farms Garden Roses.
First, a Wedding Bouquet featuring the stunning Tiarra Rose. This wonderful purple rose with a green cast outer petal looks spectacular with eucalyptus and heather. 

Next, Tsmugi (part of the Warbara Collection) is used for a simple elevated centerpiece with red huckleberry. Finally, a hand bouquet with Sabrina accented with variegated Aspidistra Leaves and dropped into a free form Accent Décor Glass Vase! 

These roses are beautiful and so long lasting…a sharp contrast to the delicate garden roses of the past. These wonderful roses will last and last and are perfect for any occasion.

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