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Wedding Trends with Tracy Park – Park Place Designs!

I love it when my friends drop by and join me in the flower studio! Today, my friend Tracy Park from Park Place Designs shares the wedding trends she’s seeing in the Wedding and Event Markets for today’s Brides.

Tracy and I have been friends for so many years…and I’m always quizzing her about the newest trends and hot new items brides are asking for. Tracy shows us an example of her “moody” centerpieces and table accessories… and a new type of ribbon that’s so very popular!

We also discuss styles of wedding bouquets and she shares a few of her secrets about wedding consultations and mechanics for today’s popular wedding bouquets. 

You can learn more about Tracy and Park Place Designs on her website: 

Here’s a sneak peak too…Tracy will join me next week to share her garland making skills and create a Wedding Venue sign with Eucalyptus Garlands and fresh flower accents… Stay tuned!

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