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Foliage Garlands – The EASY Way!

This week’s video blog is about Foliage Garlands…one of the Most Popular Trends for Weddings and Special Events. 

Long ago, I learned that making garlands is difficult, time consuming and labor intensive…AND I found the perfect solution. My friends at FernTrust create Custom Garlands… any style, any content, any width…and any length! You simply contact and she can take your order, have the team at FernTrust create the garland to your specifications and ship it out to you! It is truly that simple. You can choose foliage types (FernTrust has over 126 different varieties of Foliage), width and length and FernTrust creates it…You can even add gilding or color with FernTrust’s ColorFresh…which allows you even more creativity in your theming and event creation! 

You want more information? Visit where you can see their most popular garlands and create your own. It’s truly that easy, reliable and cost effective. Trust me…FernTrust is the Garland answer!