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Tool Care – Video Blog!

This week’s 5 Minute video blog is dedicated to our tools! The proper tools mean the difference between working smarter or struggling…it’s really that simple. I sharpen my tools daily. I clean them after every use. I take care of them because my tools are the extension of my work…and it makes all the difference in the world. If I was stranded on a desert island, the one tool I would want is my Florist’s Knife. I can do just about anything with it…and there is literally one in just about every drawer, shelf, nook or cranny in my house and office.

So let’s start the year off with a little discussion about our tools and my favorite tips for keeping them in tip top shape…so we can keep turning people’s feelings into flowers!

My bunch cutters are from Dramm. I love them! You can check them out here:

Swiss Army makes the Red Knife and Knife Sharpener. Learn more here:–Cutting-Boards/Knife-Sharpener-Small-Victorinox-Sharpy/p/7.8714?mt_load=lt30

Here’s a link to purchase the Chrysal Professional Cleaner (use the code uBloom to get a free gift too!):