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Aloha Arch with Orchids!

Creating an Arch for a wedding or special event has never been easier…using this metal Arch from Portofino International. Oscar shared this wonderful two piece arch with me during a visit to market…and I had to show you how fast, easy and impressive it is. 

For more information, pricing and ordering of the Moongate Structure, contact Mayra Cortez at or visit their website at 

Using the Fabulous Foliage from FernTrust makes your life easier and provides the jaw-dropping foliage accents and garlands for this arch. Using Monstera in 3 different sizes, Victoria Fern, Coontie and Aspidistra in the accent…and then ordering garlands made to size from FernTrust make this go together quickly. I used the Aloha Garland (the most popular garland from FernTrust) created with Robellini, Monstera and Aspidstra leaves! 

Contact for pricing or to develop your own special recipes for custom garlands…visit their website at to see all the Fabulous Foliage they grow!

Finally, I add Phaleanopsis orchids on site as the flower accent to this Aloha Arch… has the BEST Orchids anywhere! These purple orchids are just stunning and arrive Safe and Sound and Beautiful…every time! Contact for more information and pricing!

This project is gorgeous, impressive and easy when you use these products. It proves that events can be simple when you know how to use the right products!