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Hydrangeas in Flower Foam – SUCCESS!

This week’s video blog is about Hydrangeas in foam…I know a lot of you get nervous when it comes to placing Hydrangeas in flower foam but don’t worry! Just follow these steps:

  1. Use Good Quality Foam. In this vlog, I use the NEW Midnight Foam from Oasis® . It’s bio-degradable and transfers water to the flowers easily.
  2. Leave Plenty of room in the container for a water supply. Water is super important to hydrangeas so you have to have good water reservoir. 
  3. BUY quality Hydrangeas from a reliable resource. Cheap hydrangeas are usually a disappointment and you need to ensure you are getting good quality flowers. The Hydrangeas in this vlog are from and they are high quality antique blue that perform well.
  4. Cut your stems with a sharp locking blade knife to insure a sharp clean 45˚ angle cut before inserting deeply into the flower foam. 

It’s truly that simple! Follow these steps and save this vlog for future reference…You’ll have success every time!