J shares the perimeter urn trick- one of his favorites for flower arranging.

The Perimeter Urn- a Long time Favorite Flower Trick!

J shares one of his favorite flower arranging tricks- the Perimeter urn.

J shares one of his favorite flower arranging tricks- the Perimeter urn.

One of my favorite long time flower arranging tricks is the Perimeter urn… it’s was a trick that was taught to me long ago by a great friend- and I’ve been sharing it for years. It definitely takes some practice- but once you’ve mastered this trick – it’s provides Incredible results. Using about 40% Less flowers- than a typical arrangement of it’s size- the Perimeter Urn Concept is simple- it’s arranging the flowers in a perimeter- leaving the central vertical access EMPTY- and thus using less flowers.

I created this project step by step- over a decade ago on my First Web-based TV Series- JTV! You can watch it here- on my Youtube Channel – don’t forget to hit subscribe – when you visit) – In this video I create it in all white flowers- and use a multitude of different types of flowers- to show different techniques… however on Life in Bloom- I use mostly Gladiolus- and accent with a few hydrangeas from the garden and little bit of Sedum.

The Foliage is important as well… I use Grevillea Foliage, Myrtle, and Victoria Leather Leaf- a special Florida Fern- that has a wonderful lacy edge- it’s named after my friend Victoria Register Hunter- her dad David Register grows it- and it’s available from FernTrust- you can learn more about Ferntrust in Episode 109- Foliage: Living Green – of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom!

This technique is one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy learning more about Flower arranging with Life in Bloom!