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Care and Handling – Cut Peonies (includes opening tips)!

It’s Peony Season…whether you’re ordering them, finding them at Flower Sellers or cutting them out of the yard! Peonies benefit from a few of my favorite tips I’ve learned over the years.

We grew several acres of Peonies for our flower business as I grew up so I learned early on, the special tips needed to ensure they perform better!

In this video blog, I talk about care and handling and the best flower food for Peonies. I also share my tips for “coaxing Peony to open faster” and also how to hold your Peonies longer if need be for a special event. 

Peonies are a favorite and people love them…and we all want to enjoy EVERY flower longer. So, here’s a 5 Minute crash course for beautiful Peonies…EVERY TIME!