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Flower Lesson: Break-a-way Flower Vases!

Make your flowers go further…with Break-a-way vases!

This week, I continue with my Fast and Easy Flower Lessons…with this great way to make your flowers go further! Break-a-way vases…it’s a great way to spread your flowers all around the house. 

Instead of making ONE arrangement, use a few smaller vases (fruit jars or cocktail glasses work great). Breaking up your bouquet and spreading it out will allow you to make several smaller bouquets. 

I highlight some of my favorite flowers for this technique because some flowers have longer lateral stems which make them perfect for separating and creating your break-a-way vases. 

Check my tips in this short video for break-a-way bouquets and also visit the Fast and Easy Flower Lessons archive on the uBloom Website. These lessons make flower arranging Fast and Easy…and make you look like the Flower Expert!