Behind the Bloom: With Grace Boersma and Marimo Moss Balls

It’s time to go behind the bloom with my AMAZING niece, Grace Boersma! I love her…can you tell??? We always have so much fun and we really connect when it comes to Marimo Moss Balls…

When Gracie visited me on Life in Bloom, we learned a lot and shared about the Marimo Moss Balls! Marimo Moss Balls are actually native to Iceland- but today we’re showing you how easy they are to keep in your home as “Pet Plant”. They thrive on neglect- in cold water- without direct sunlight- and need more attention that swirling their water home on occasion.

I was gifted a Marimo Moss Ball- several years ago- by my mother-in-law- and it’s been happy and growing every since- I even had to change containers because it outgrew the original bottle. I turned my niece Grace onto them and she took her collection to school for her students to enjoy too. Grace is a chemistry teacher at the high school level and her students were fascinated with these Green Bouncy Balls of Moss-(that’s the translation for Marimo – in Japanese- Bouncy Ball of Moss… how fun!

Join us as we unpack the Marimo Moss Balls and get them re-homed into our Chemistry Flasks and Beakers… and learn a little more about Marimo Moss Balls and how to care for these Incredible Natural Wonders.  Repurposed Chemistry flasks are ideal homes for these Bouncy Green Moss Balls!

Looking to purchase some Marimo Moss Balls for yourself? Here’s a link to the Marimo Moss Balls we shared on Life in Bloom!