Behind the Bloom: KB Farms – a Visit to Kitayama Brothers

Let’s go behind the bloom…with my lifelong friends Robert, Stuart and Dave Kitayama. These innovative flower growers are producing over 30 million stems. They have transitioned from Carnations to Roses and now are one of the only growers of Stemmed Gardenias…as well as Specialty Novelty flowers! It’s all about growing the flowers that people want and love.
I’ve known the Kitayama Brothers since I was a little kid and we spent time together at Flower Conventions. And today, we are all successful flower industry professionals. 

You can watch my visit to KB Farms on the CA Grown Experience found on HERE:

Check out their appearance on “Life in Bloom” Episode #205 “Traditional Japanese Flower Arts” HERE:

I hope you enjoy visiting with my Flower Friends, the Kitayamas, on this episode of “Behind the Bloom!