Behind the Bloom: Ladybird Footprint Flower Art!

Let’s go behind the Bloom with Ladybird and make some Flower Footprint Art! Ladybird is our rescue Cocker Spaniel…We rescued her from a hoarding situation about 4 years ago. She’s 8 now…and she is such a happy dog! They talk about how Cocker Spaniels are the Patron Saint of Merriment…and Ladybird is always happy. Her tail wags constantly (you’ll see that in this FREE Episode of Behind the Bloom). Ladybird was so patient and eager to please when we created this project (and for her Flower Crown…I give anyone that comes on the show a Flower Crown, so I couldn’t forget Miss Bird!).

I use a Non-toxic washable paint to create the footprints. Then, I paint petals and stems on the footprints to create a wonderful piece of art that hangs in our dining room to this day! It’s a Ladybird Original!

You can see the segment we created for Life in Bloom in Episode 208 – Pets and Flowers. Watch it here at this link: 

I hope you enjoy visiting with my sweet Ladybird and enjoy this look Behind the Bloom from Life in Bloom!