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Fresh Foliage with Permanent Flowers!

In today’s video blog, I create an arrangement using the Green Bouquet from FernTrust. I accent it with a branch of Viburnum and a branch of Mock Orange from the garden. Then, I add SUPER Realistic Permanent Peonies,Café au lait Dahlias and Delphinium!

I’m able to create a very realistic bouquet with these permanent flowers…easily and beautifully…because of the Fabulous Foliage Bouquet from FernTrust. 

I use the Green Bouquet as structure and accent it with the branches from the garden before I slip in the Permanent Botanical Stems…

This is a great way to get extreme longevity with an arrangement…and also get the health benefits of having foliage in your home. The Green Bouquet from FernTrust is transpiring oxygen and provides structure at the same time. It’s simple…and the result is picture perfect!

Learn more about the Green Bouquet from FernTrust here:

Ask for the Green Bouquet by name at your favorite flower seller and you’ll be creating fun flower bouquets…Fast and Easy!