Behind the Bloom: Flowers to Wear with Angela Cunningham!

Let’s go behind the bloom with my friend Angela Cunningham…with ideas for Flowers to Wear! My friend Angela is a newscaster for the local ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids, MI and reports early every morning…

Angela joined me in the studio to create unique flowers to wear which are different from the typical corsage or boutonniere. We create flowers to wear using aluminum wire and jewelry making tools. It’s a simple and fun way to create armatures of decorative wire and easy to apply flowers using glue tabs.

The process is something you can do with friends and a few flowers whether they are from the garden, grocery store, farmers market or professional florist. Wearing flowers helps us improve our self-esteem and confidence…and it’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion or just make your day better! 

Angela is one of my wonderful friends and I’m so glad she joined me for this fun flowers to wear segment…It’s fun to share flowers with friends and that’s another great benefit of flowers!

Watch the “Flowers to Wear and Share” Episode 212 of J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom at this link-