At Home with Flowers – How long should I cut my Flowers?

Today on At Home with Flowers, I share one of the most common questions I get about flower arranging: How LONG should I cut my Flowers?

This question links directly to one of the elements and principles of Flower design…Proportion. Proportion is determined by the size of the vase so the answer to this week’s question depends on the size of your vase. We want to make sure our arrangement is aesthetically pleasing…and the correct proportion helps us create a beautiful arrangement! 

Proportion guidelines suggest that an arrangement is one to one and half times the height of the container or less. So the taller the vase, the taller your arrangement can be. I demonstrate this concept visually with a Gorgeous Bunch of Eulforia Roses from their weekly Farmer’s Market Stand. You can learn more about Eufloria and the Prettiest Roses on the Planet at

I create 3 arrangements in 3 different sized vases so you can visually see the difference. This is a great way to learn more about arranging flowers and will help you enjoy more Flowers at Home!