Inspiring others to create with Flowers!

One of my favorite things- is inspiring others… I have always loved that part of my job- and Life! It’s really fun to share a tip- trick or idea with someone- and then have them take that “spark”- and build their own Fire! That’s the analogy I make- It’s not about me telling you exactly what to do… in fact- that’s NEVER the point.

Sometimes- I get people that want a detailed list of how many flowers I used or how long I cut the stems (exact measurements) and while these are legitimate questions- I like to remind them- to make sure they don’t miss the point- of my inspiration. It’s not about you creating exactly what you saw me make- but rather- my Mission is to inspire you- to try something yourself- and create you own Magic!

Marianne's Inspired Topiary- she created after watching my video... I love it - Thanks so much Marianne!

Marianne’s Inspired Topiary- she created after watching my video… I love it – Thanks so much Marianne!

I recently shared a fun concept for a Topiary made from Gladiolus- It’s on my Youtube channel- (you can see here- Glad Topiary Video) and my friend Marianne- watched the video- then she sent me this wonderful email – and included a picture of her Topiary creation! Here’s what Marianne wrote:

Hi J
The other day I was watching your YouTube video of a gladioli topiary that you made.  When I went to work later that day (I work in the floral dept of a grocery store) I decided to try out what you had taught.  I had to make substitutions because we didn’t have gladioli.  I thought it turned out pretty well and wanted to show you what a great teacher you are.  My topiary sold the very next day!  
I enjoy your videos and wanted to thank you. 

I LOVE This- I tell my viewers all the time- that I want to see what you create… it’s important to me- because I want to see what you create! It’s super important to remember- that the FIRST Person- I want you to impress -is YOU! It’s Important that YOU are happy with what you create- and there are SO MANY Health and Wellness Benefits that come from the act of Arranging Flowers.

And even better- when you share your creation with others- it provides additional health and wellness benefits- to you AND the person you are sharing them with! I got good feelings- comfort- and inspiration from Marianne’s note and the picture she shared…

Flowers are Amazing- and that’s why I talk so much about “FLOWER POWER” – because it’s real- and it’s so beneficial!

Thanks to my friend Marianne- I appreciate this so much- thanks for sharing your Flower Topiary with me! As I said before- I simply share a spark- and You- my friend- built the Fire!!!

If you’ve watched one of my videos- on Youtube or uBloom- and it inspired you to create something magical- send me a picture- with a quick note- – I promise it will make my day- and I think you’ll enjoy sharing it with me too!