Mid-Century Pottery Arrangement featuring Yellow Color Quartet J’s Bouquet!

Today on At Home with Flowers, I’m making an arrangement in a Mid-Century piece of pottery (a Cocker Spaniel) using the Yellow Color Quartet – J’s Bouquet. 

This J’s Bouquet is based on the color yellow and contains Miniature Carnations, Solidago and Yellow Daisy Chrysanthemums along with Florida Fern (leatherleaf). I create a typical asymmetrical arrangement that looks great in this Shawnee Mission Cocker Spaniel Vase. 

Using the J’s Bouquet Color Quartets allows me to focus on one color with my flower arranging and coordinates with the pottery (and my Dramm Tool, The ColorPoint Bypass Cutter). 

I hope you enjoy this fun color based arrangement that’s sure to brighten your home with flowers!