Chicken Wire Arranging with “Weekender” – one of J’s Bouquets

There’s a lot of different ways to arrange flowers and a lot of items we can use to support the flowers in the arrangement…Flower Foam, a Flower Frog and even waterproof tape. Recently, there has been a revitalized interest in chicken wire as an arranging medium. 

I learned to arrange flowers using chicken wire. Back in the day, we used chicken wire inside papier maché containers that were lined with tar. Then we would add the chicken wire mechanic and fill the container with shredded Styrofoam…we even used to use chicken wire with wet sand before the advent of flower foam. 

Today I show you how you can use a piece of chicken wire to hold your flowers in your arrangement inside a glass container. I use the clear glass container so you can see how everything goes together. We’re using one of J’s Bouquets called “Weekender”.

My Grandparents always kept a bag packed in the trunk of their car. This was due to the penchant to occasionally (and often randomly) drive off into the sunset to somewhere else. They loved to escape, whether up to the mountains, down to the beach or a weekend getaway. “Free Spirits”, we called them. Flowers (like a secret suitcase or favorite treat) can help us all escape. A small retreat to rejuvenate…even in the middle of the week!

I hope you enjoy this vintage mechanic…rejuvenated for a special treat of flowers.  Enjoy!