J’s Foliage Bouquets from FernTrust

I love foliage for so many reasons…My friends at FernTrust provide over 126 different kinds of foliage and many of them are American Grown by the FernTrust Farmers in Florida. 

I’ve always wanted Foliage Bouquets to be included in J’s Bouquets because they are a wonderful first step for creating arrangements. Dropping foliage into a vase before you add flowers provides structure for your arrangement.

At the same time, the Foliage from Ferntrust is fabulous and there’s no reason why a foliage bouquet can’t stand alone. Foliage is beautiful, the texture is compelling and they last such a long time. All of this is the story behind J’s Foliage Bouquets from Ferntrust. 

There are 3 sizes…The small “Just Add Flowers” that is perfect for providing structure for your arrangements. “The Green Bouquet” has more fabulous foliage and can stand alone in a vase or be accented with flowers. Finally, the “Ultimate J’s Foliage Bouquet”…a bouquet with over a dozen types of Florida Foliage that is perfect to fill a vase and last for weeks. 

It’s time for Fabulous Foliage J’s Bouquets to decorate our homes, provide health and wellness and make us happy!

For More information on J’s Foliage Bouquets- contact Jana@Ferntrust.com and learn more about their fabulous foliage offerings at www.Ferntrust.com