Behind the Bloom – Ms. Margo’s Organic Goat Milk Soap!

Let’s go behind the Bloom with my friend, Native American Bonereader Ms. Margo…and her wonderful Organic Goat Milk Soap. I’m a huge fan of her amazing soaps that include flowers, herbs, organic goat’s milk and secret ingredients.

Ms. Margo joined me for an episode of Life in Bloom #302- Hearts and Flowers…With 24 different kinds of organic goat milk soap, we obviously didn’t have time to explore them all on the “Life in Bloom” segment. That’s why I have “Behind the Bloom”…so you can learn more about her special creations and see a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes.

You can purchase Ms. Margo’s Organic Goat Milk Soap at where you can see the different offerings and what flowers, herbs, oils or special ingredients are in the soaps she creates! 

I hope you enjoy this episode of Behind the Bloom while learning more about the Organic Goat Milk Soap Ms. Margo creates! ENJOY!