Behind the Bloom – Kara makes “J” Cookies…with J!

Let’s go behind the Bloom with Kara Bolt from Cyclops Bake Shop as she makes a surprise for J…“J Portrait” cookies! And she brings a blank one…so I can design one too. 

Kara recently sold Cyclops Bake Shop to The Donut Garden…and they are doing an amazing job keeping to her original thoughts, concept and theming. I miss seeing Kara at the Farmer’s Market and her pop up stands…but I know she is doing what she loves. This little moment in time is very special to me and I TRULY LOVED being rendered into a Cyclops Cookie by Kara. She is one talented lady and an amazing friend that I love so very much!

Thanks for this FUN time and thanks for COOKIE-fying me Cyclops style…Kara, you’re the BEST!