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Flower Lesson: Horizontal Arrangement

This flower lesson teaches you how to make a dramatic Horizontal Flower Arrangement…featuring flowers and foliage. My Flower Lesson series is designed to teach you how to use the elements and principles of flower design to your advantage and help you create beautiful flower artistry. 

In this arrangement, I’m using Variegated Aspidistra and Foxtail Fern from our Friends at FernTrust Inc. and Safari Sunset Leucondendron and a Banksia Protea from Resendiz Brothers along with Tulip Tree, Explosion Grass, Crocosmia Pods and Hydrangea from my Garden. The Container is from Accent Decor and I use fresh flower foam that has been glued into the container using a fun trick!
I hope you enjoy this fun flower lesson, find it helpful to expand your flower arranging skills and I hope it challenges you to create your own flower arrangement using some of the tips and techniques. Enjoy!