Lush Fragrant Centerpiece

This week’s project is a Lush Low Centerpiece that I create in a Dollar Tree Bowl. This is an acrylic bowl that looks like it’s Waterford crystal…and I’ve added some Dollar Tree gemstones to help hold the short flowers in place.
I’m using one of my favorite techniques for a low bowl like this one…I’ve used the Oasis ¼ inch clear waterproof tape to create a grid work. This grid will hold the flowers in place and the gemstones at the bottom of the bowl support the stems.

It’s a wonderful trick and the resulting bouquet is low, lush and simply beautiful! The bouquet is fragrant as well because it includes fresh cut Lilacs from Midwest Blooms- part of  and Myobi-Wabara Garden Roses from …with the addition of Gerando Gerberas from Ocean Breeze Farms, Gladiolus from Glad-A-Way Gardens, Carnations from Ayura/Pride/Eclipse and Lilies from Holland America Flowers. It’s a beautiful bouquet and one that you can easily replicate with flowers from your flower seller…or even your garden!