Allium and Bearded Iris Arrangement

Join me on the deck for this arrangement created for “Life in Bloom” Episode #313 – Bloom Happy, where the featured flower is Allium. I create these arrangements for the filming of the flowers so you don’t get to see them get created on the Public Television Show…so we film them and the tips and tricks for At Home with Flowers. It’s valuable information and helpful to you and your arranging skills!

In this segment, I’ll apologize up front for the lawnmower noise…it’s a peril of filming on location! I live in a subdivision outside of Grand Rapids MI with a wetlands (We LOVE) in our backyard. Beyond that is a lovely golf course that they have to maintain so sometimes, when we film, there are lawn mowers…hehehe!

I love Allium and the Bearded Iris you see in this episode…and they are available only for a limited time. Allium and Bearded Iris are the best “shippers”, so I love using them when they are pristine and fresh from the garden! I hope you enjoy some flowers on the deck with J…and the lawn mowers!

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  1. Helen Daly October 4, 2021 at 5:11 pm

    Love this arrangement J. Of course love the Iris. My favorite flower after the calla lily. Named my daughter Iris so that will tell you how much I love Iris. The color on those were fantastic Allium, another spectacular flower. Never thought of putting them both together after all these years of being a florist.56 years this year. Maybe because they aren’t available all the time at the same time? Going to keep this in mind for a future arrangement. Thanks again for sharing and doing what you do to inspire others.

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