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Easy to Make Wedding Bouquet

Today I’ll create a simple wedding bouquet with Roses, Ranunculus and a ribbon accent! I’ll share all my favorite tips and tricks along the way! 

I create this bouquet in the Small Gala Holder from FloraCraft (you can buy it here). I’m using 2 of my favorite varieties of Garden Roses from Alexandra Roses… Mariatheresia® and Mayra’s Bridal Pink® (you can learn more here) and pairing them with Cloni Ranunculus from Sun Valley Floral Farms (Learn more here). I’ve also included some gorgeous Pink Lizianthus as an accent flower. I am using Fabulous Foliage from FernTrust…Calathea and Variegated Pittosporum (one of the 5 Key Foliage Varieties they Grow at FernTrust- Learn more here!) …and this Beautiful Dupioni Silk from Reliant Ribbon Bows and Trims (Learn more here).

I’m also using a Reclaimed Chemistry Stand for my Gala Bouquet holder and as I create the bouquet step by step, I’ll share easily follow the instructions!

I hope you enjoy this Fun Project and learn a lot this week on Fun with Flowers and J!