All Foliage Arrangement!

It’s time to go behind the bloom again for an All Foliage Arrangement that is featured in the opening to Episode #304- Plants and Flowers for a Happy Home of “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom! I’ve provided a link so you can watch it! This arrangement is created with a mix of foliage from my cutting garden including Viburnum, Nine Bark and Variegated Ornamental Grass…as well as some Essential Fabulous Foliage selections from my friends at FernTrust Inc (including Ruscus, Milky Way Aspidistra, Variegated Aspidistra and Curly Willow). I love an all foliage arrangement because it lasts so incredibly long and provides so much interest and texture. The vessel for this arrangement is from our friends at Accent Décor and in the show, I nick a Monstera Leaf off one of my plants. This gives you a little sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes during one of our film productions!  ENJOY!